State Parks Plan Up For Review: What Do YOU Think ? / by David Lawrence

Montana State Parks ( announced today that public comment is being sought on the draft Montana Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP). The plan provides strategic recommendations to help maintain outdoor recreation as a priority in Montana because it benefits the quality of life for Montanans, and helps sustain economic vitality of communities. The 2014-2018 SCORP key findings show that while Montana residents and more than 10 million out-of-state visitors, enjoy a diverse array of outdoor recreation opportunities on Montana’s 38 million acres of public land, each year, outdoor recreation managers and entities are struggling to accommodate the increased demand due to decreasing budgets, increasing maintenance costs and lack of coordination between federal, state, and local governments along with stakeholder organizations and associations. SCORP offers a roadmap for the next 5 years recommending ways that outdoor recreation can be prioritized at a higher level, so that the capacity of agencies to manage recreation safely and adequately on public lands does not diminish. The plan looks at Montana’s existing outdoor recreation facilities and resources, growing demands for recreation activities, and evaluates national and state trends.

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