Mayor Honors County Volunteers Tuesday in Superior / by David Lawrence

JOIN US Mineral County VOLUNTEERS! If you help with school boards, or food banks, deliver meals, tutor, work with our veterans, or volunteer your time locally (there are so many ways to help), then April 1st is YOUR DAY. It's the 2nd Annual Mayors Day of Recognition. Superior Mayor Roni Phillips will spotlight the impact of community members who volunteer and thank them from the steps of the Mineral County Courthouse. At 3:00 p.m., Mayor Roni Phillips will read the Proclamation.


Mayors across the country will hold public events just like ours. Last year we had more participants show up than some of the bigger communities in western Montana. Let's do that again!

If you could pass this on to others in your group or organization I would appreciate it.

We hope to see you there!!!

Mary Jo Berry RSVP Coordinator Mineral/Sanders Phone: 406-822-4800