Higher Energy Prices Coming for Montanans / by David Lawrence

Reprinted from the Montana Chamber of Commerce

Montana's wholesale electricity prices are projected to increase 26 percent...

as a result of the EPA's proposed regulations requiring states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, according to analysis conducted by Energy Ventures Analysis for the National Mining Association. The report warns that those prices increases will be passed on to Montana consumers and businesses. 

"This new report sheds light on the concerns a lot of Montana business have had about skyrocketing energy prices as a result of the EPA's proposed rule," said Glenn Oppel, Government Relations Director for the Montana Chamber of Commerce.

"We have significant concerns about the negative effects this rule will have on jobs in Montana, and not just in the energy sector. Higher energy input prices will also be a big hit to other industries, like agriculture and manufacturing, that use a lot of electricity and fuel. In fact, the upsurge in the manufacturing sector across the economy is due in large part to affordable and available energy."

Mounting concerns about the negative impacts of the EPA's carbon rules.

The new data provided in the Energy Ventures Analysis report adds to mounting concerns about the negative impacts of the EPA's carbon rules. On Thursday, Senators Lisa Murkowski and Tim Scott highlighted separate research indicating that a 10 percent increase in home energy costs would put nearly 1 million Americans below the poverty line.

"Our elected leaders need to proceed with care and caution to ensure a proper balance between reducing carbon emissions and maintaining jobs and energy affordability," Oppel said. "We think a 26 percent increase in Montana electricity prices is far too big a price to pay. It's a backdoor energy tax that will be a hard hit on many Montana families and small businesses." 

For more information, contact Glenn Oppel at 406-442-2405 x104 orglenn@montanachamber.com.