FOLF (Frisbee Golf) Course Coming Together in Alberton / by David Lawrence

Read how an Alberton High School student is rallying the community to build a Folf Course in the town park.  Folf is the game of Frisbee Golf and it's a lot of fun for everyone, all ages.  This is her Senior Project and Donations are needed.  Easy to help.  Read all about it here:


FOLF (Frisbee Golf Course) in Alberton

PROJECT IS COMING TOGETHER !!!  New baskets already installed.  Here is the rest of the story:


Dear Mineral County,

My name is Glen Teeters. I am a senior project mentor at Alberton High School. To fulfill the requirement for a Senior project, Samantha Bennett is implementing a Folf disc course in the Alberton City Park.

The city council has given her permission to install five (5) professional grade disc baskets. Using school and community personnel, these low maintenance baskets will be permanently placed, adding a valuable asset to the existing park. Our community youth will be the benefactor of this project.

To obtain the funding necessary to make this project a reality, Samantha is soliciting donations from local area businesses, organizations, and individuals. In order to purchase these 5 baskets, she is seeking a $200 donation from 10 corporate sponsors. Each sponsor will have their metal placard, attached to the top of one of the five baskets. Presently, she has secured $200 commitments from each of five(5) local businesses, one (1)organization, and one (1) individual.

The breakdown by locality is as follows:

3 - Alberton Merchants

1 - Alberton Organization

1 - Superior Merchant

1 - Superior Individual

1 - Missoula Merchant

Samantha will continue solicitations until she has all 10 sponsors. She hopes to have enough funding to purchase the five disc baskets by April 1, 2014. Too, there will be a total estimated cost of $200 dollars for the installation of these 5 baskets.

Therefore, Samantha is soliciting donations to help with these costs. She is hoping that businesses and individuals of the community will see the value of her project and help with whatever donation they deem appropriate. Samantha will publicly acknowledge her appreciation to all, who help her project succeed.

Thank you for your consideration of her proposal. She sincerely appreciates your valuable time.


Glen Teeters Projector Mentor


From Samantha (PLEASE HELP!)

My name is Samantha Bennett. I am a senior at Alberton High School. To fulfill the requirement for a Senior project, I am installing a folf disc course in the Alberton City Park. I am currently coordinating with the town of Alberton for placement and installation of five(5) professional grade disc baskets.

I have received a wholesale cost bid of approximately $400 per basket for a total cost of $2000. The Town of Alberton recognizes the value of such a project. When the disc course is implemented in a professional manner, it will definitely be an asset to the current facilities of the City Park. This addition will provide more outdoor activities for our community youth. Also, the use of City Park will increase during the tourist season, which will help local merchants.

The Alblerton School, also, will benefit greatly from such a project. Physical Education programs will be able to add a unit of disc golf to their present outdoor curriculum. Students from K through 12 will learn a life-long outdoor activity that is inexpensive and wholesome. This will help keep our youth of today active and busy.

I am currently planning fund-raisers at the school to help with the costs of my project. However, my school is quite small, and my ability to raise the necessary funds is limited. I am hoping to find sponsors to help with the costs of each of the five Baskets.


If you see the value of my project and would be willing to help me out, please consider being involved in the Sponsorship of Baskets. A sponsor fee of $200 will receive a homemade metal placard, which will be attached to the top of the basket to advertise that sponsor.

If you are unable to sponsor a basket, any donation would be greatly appreciated. I will send a letter of appreciation to all persons responsible for donations and make public a list of all contributions to this worthwhile project.

Checks should be payable to the Alberton School — memo: Disc Course.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the Alberton School, (406) 722 — 4413.


Samantha Bennett