Superior Ranger District, Soliciting comments Cedar Creek Road/Stream Interface Project / by David Lawrence

Dear Interested Party: 

The Superior Ranger District, Lolo National Forest is soliciting comments on the Cedar Creek Road/Stream Interface Project, which would realign up to seven segments (ranging from 250 to 1000 feet each) of the Cedar Creek Road #320, totaling approximately 4000 feet, where it is immediately adjacent to the Cedar Creek. Activities would include moving the road further away from the creek and closer to the hillside to maximize the distance between the road and the creek; and reactivating the floodplain by removing the fill of the abandoned segments from the realigned portions of road, adding coarse wood, and planting riparian vegetation. In addition, approximately 65 large woody debris structures, each consisting of 5-20 pieces of large wood, would be installed in the creek to enhance fish habitat. 

The project is located in the Cedar Creek drainage, located immediately southwest of Superior, Montana. Road and stream activities would occur within about a 2-mile segment located between the junction with the Lost Creek Road #7865 and the Cayuse Gulch Road #7807 (see enclosed map). 

The purposes of the project are to: 

  • decrease fine sediment delivery to the stream from the Cedar Creek road 
  • improve the potential for long-term instream wood recruitment and floodplain function 
  • reestablish complex fish habitat to near reference levels